Monthly Archives: March 2019


so full. so happy – how i’m feeling in this very moment. standing firm to my desire for time alone this evening & the joy is multiplying.

i haven’t done any of my things since last summer, and when i say “my things,” i mean, my soul things. writing. listening to my music. thinking. planning. being thankful. communing with God. visualizing.

when we’re cut off from our power source, we feel weak. when cut off from our power source, it seems hopeless. when cut off from our power source, we can lose sight of our vision, and ultimately – ourselves.

i stood firm and it was met with anger, hatred, and resentment. a little longer now and i won’t have to stand in the face of complete resistance.

and that hope of what’s coming, it’s what’s filling me with JOY.

almost free. almost me, again.