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The Cleanse

So often in life, we need harvest time.

We need to uproot everything we’ve been producing and sort the authentic from the destructive.

When this is done, we must burn our fields and start anew.

This is my harvest time. Yesterday, I gave notice at a job that means well, but is sucking my soul right out of me.

Yesterday, I also gave zero notice as I destroyed a relationship that had been destroying me.

As I purged the poisons from my system, I noticed a feeling of new, of hope, of authenticity bubbling up inside of me.

I took account of all the beautiful sorted out from the evil and realized, my life is so so good.

Praise God.

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When I started this blog, my goal was to write about my every day adventures. Those adventures that may seem mundane, but are made wonderful by perspective or by story-telling.

Since blog one, I’ve lost my direction. This has become more of an outlet than any type of adventure tale.

I’ve forgotten to tell about our family cruise in September, or how we were pre-approved to buy this adorable house…the same day the house was signed over on another offer.

I’ve forgotten to mention that my husband has decided he may be more open to entertain extended traveling and I am starting my Masters program in January.

I’ve forgotten to exclaim my undergrad student loans are almost paid, I started a new, insanely intense workout program, and I maybe starting a new job at the end of the year.

I guess my life has been full of adventure and I’ve neglected it any spotlight. Here’s to regaining my focus and blogging with a little more direction.

Hold me to that, will you?

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The Borings

I’m not so good at this blogging thing.

I too often let the borings of life get in the way of the interesting, the fun, the creative.

Right now, the borings pay the bills; writing a blog post does not.

As I drove home from one certain boring, I thought to myself, “if I were to die tonight, would I have accomplished anything? Did my life make any difference? Did I reach my highest goals?” I know life is not without hope, but I still want to leave this world with a small trace of who I was for those I leave behind.

I want to live so loudly that people notice. Of course I want to love and to serve and to make others’ lives better; but I also want to experience life, to live creatively and purposefully.

I just feel so robotic.

Here’s to hoping I can live a teensy-bit longer… long enough to not be ruled by the borings, and long enough to experience and drink deep of the joy in life.

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