My List

“I hope you live a life you’re proud of.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

  1. learn to play the piano
  2. live in the country (the outskirts of town will do)
  3. live in another country (and teach English) for a year (or more)
  4. run a half-marathon 2009
  5. learn 5 languages (Spanish, French, Italian, ? ?)
  6. visit all 50 states
  7. write a book (publish the book)
  8. write a childrens’ book
  9. become cultured…like super refined
  10. read the entire Bible
  11. maybe have a child or two
  12. adopt a child
  13. become a certified personal trainer december 2015
  14. teach/tutor/mentor teacher/coach
  15. complete a triathlon mindful triathlon – nov. 1st/15
  16. travel for a living/make money while traveling
  17. inspire others coaching
  18. stop running from God
  19. learn to be truly faithful
  20. be in rockin’ physical shape
  21. learn to climb
  22. sing karaoke and sing it loud
  23. see some of my great ideas to fruition
  24. act professionally
  25. in home library
  26. own a tiny home
  27. own my own business bb/live audaciously
  28. eat all natural/organic
  29. earn six figures in one year
  30. set goals every year – in progress

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