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Reviving the Blog

Hey there.

It’s been awhile, huh? I started this blog in 2012 as an outlet. Posted a bit about my ideal of teaching English in other countries and how that dream was a bit – squashed. I began with the hope of finding adventure in the every day. Because it’s possible, and interesting. And we all have a story.

I posted about leaving my wonderfully amazing non-profit job and pursuing other things. Those other things brought us to Nashville, and pushed me through conquering my certification in teaching Elementary and ESL. This included: the summer from hell (2013), living on Nigel’s income and withdrawing our retirement money, working 12+ hours daily with no pay, trying to show love and grace and add value as we were stressed to the point of breakdown. In fact, in the program I survived, there were several literal breakdowns daily. The only possible experience I could equate this to is boot camp, except for teachers. So yes, there was that summer from hell, which I survived when not many of us did. Nigel landed a job and then found an even better job. We slowly started accumulating furniture. Our one bedroom, unfurnished condo turned into a one bedroom with a couch, and then side table, and in the following summer we graduated to owning and enjoying a queen sized mattress. (Gifted by the parentals – thank you forever)

So we left Kansas City and set our feet in Nashville. We came with nothing (see above paragraph) and completely jobless. My teaching internship was unpaid and yes, I was admitted into the program, but surviving and passing was separate and undetermined.

But, my God, here we are. Two years into our Nashville adventure and already dreaming up our next big hoorah. I’ve quit two jobs while here. Not something to be proud of in the quitting sense, but if you look at it from my perspective, you’ll see with each decision to leave something, I’ve opened myself to something new, and better for me. Or I’ve uncovered another piece of myself that I didn’t think was reachable until the very moment in time when I had to make the decision – should I stay or should I go?

With every step, the intensity of my choices was greater and the reward was as equally great.

Currently, I am calling myself my own rule maker. I freelance my abilities and accept work when I want to work. As a married couple, we are not thriving by societal standards, but I hate those standards any way and choose not to live by them.

By our own standards, we are living an adventurously blessed life. Stepping more into myself is lending light to the vision I’ve had inside of me for some time; and suddenly I’ve found my voice that had been muted (not sure by who, probably me) and re-approaching my public story.

Again, here we are. We wanted something new and we found it. We stretched and grew into who we wanted to be, and we are preparing daily to do the same thing again – in a different way.

Please keep posted on our journey. Here we go!


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