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Day 4

Nigel: In this week we’ve eaten better than we have our entire marriage.

me: what do you mean better?

Nigel: everything’s delicious! 

Straight from my husband’s mouth, people. You could say Paleo was going well. We aren’t starting Whole30 right away and don’t know if we will. On second thought, I think we should since we are overhauling everything, right? What good is halfway? Regardless, we are still discussing that topic and researching.

I hadn’t been thrilled about starting a more Paleo diet until I had my cookbook, but since I’m still waiting, I’m glad we began imperfectly.

Because – chicken broccoli casserole, maple glazed salmon & italian chicken tenders. Yum. yum. yum. YUMMY.

I feel better. Sugar isn’t controlling my every move. I feel more awake and refreshed daily. (Note: working out and drinking Shakeology are also pieces to the puzzle )

And something my sister and I discussed last night: as humans, everything is emotional. Every thing. This is what separates us from computers. We feel. And how we feel is important, because how we feel affects our mood and our actions. And our mood and actions affect other humans and the environment around us. (Do you see where I’m going with this?) It’s impossible to shut off our feelers. Whether we express publicly or not, we are going to feel – something. Part of the reasoning behind the 2016 overhaul was to become better disciplined. Not let sugar take the lead in my brain, therefore feeling better, more alive, more clear. Usually this leads to more smiling, more positivity, more grace, more love to shower on others and to help them feel better. Such a wonderful cycle.

I hope you give yourself permission to feel fantastic. It will make the world a better place.

In sum: Emotions are everything. Sugar is not. Week one is delicious.



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Day One

It seems an invisible force is at work in society. One that manipulates largely with guilt. One that says taking care of you is selfish and unnecessary. This same force normalizes obesity, instant gratification, busy, blindly following directions. This force says, “don’t be weird, it’s just one bite, and you don’t have the time or funds to afford this kind of life.”

I refuse to believe these lies. I also refuse to believe health is an afterthought.

Health is the cornerstone, my friends!

Even if you believe with all your soul you weren’t meant to move, or fuel your body correctly, or get plenty of rest – I assure you, you are wrong. We were all meant to be healthy and though this world deals a hard blow with rampant illness, hate, confusion, handicap, disease – seeking health for yourself and those around you is not vanity.

This is what 2016 is for me. Not only the physical and mental strength I proclaim is necessary, no, every interwoven aspect of health. A whole-person health. 

When you are healthy, your spirit (your center, your conscience) is at peace. When you are healthy, your mind is clear and focused. When you are healthy, your heart is guided by pure principles and your passions/talent. When you are healthy, your body is agile, free from illness, stretched and able.

Spirit > Mind > Heart > Body. All pieces are connected. When one part of you suffers, your whole being suffers. When one part of you excels, you pull up other parts of you, (the same can be said about us as humans – we have the incredible ability to pull each other up or down, like magnets).

My goal with this overhaul is to become informed and cleanse from the inside out. While the very innermost part of us is our spirit, then mind, heart and finally body, I am blogging specifically on the topic – body.

Meanwhile, my daily routine consists of habits which strengthen other parts of me. For example, in the morning, I pray and express gratitude (spirit) and read scripture + non fiction for development (mind). I’m sure to fill my day with something “life-giving,” something that naturally breeds endorphins and feels associated with me, my skills or talents (heart).

And because everything is connected, these practices will sustain what I am doing for my body, (and because we are all connected, hopefully inform and inspire a few others).

A few details on day one:

  • becoming strict about Intermittent Fasting. It’s also healing and because the focus is health and healing, I want to continue and improve on this practice
  • which means I don’t eat until noon. This makes life easy. I focus on movement and water intake until it’s time to eat
  • later today, I’ll be prepping the paleo meals for this week (most all of them) and researching
  • the new goal is to meal plan on Friday. This will allow us to visit the farmers market Saturday and have everything in house by Sunday (meal prep day)
  • I am excited at any community born out of this year-long challenge
  • another goal is to find what is most affordable and manageable
  • decided to embrace the beautiful process that is understanding more about this topic

Happy, healthy Monday to all of you!


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