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Week Two

To be vs. to do – an update on my recently, purposefully un-busy life.

So far, since I have put to rest the driving force of the acquisition of money and the desire for productivity, I have been able to savor the tranquility hidden in the act of being versus the act of doing.

I’ve put focus on a holistic, healthful approach to intake and time consumption. I’ve lost five pounds, lost a nasty head cold, lost the headache and pressure of a rigid schedule.

What have I gained?

I have gained the time and space to pursue relationships. Time to wake-up and feel thankful and alive. Time to appreciate my husband for all that he is and how hard he is working as I reflect and recoup. An appreciation for the now, each moment…an appreciation for all that God has created: the raw, the community, the inspiration, the quality, the transfer of energy, true joy, perspective, semantics, knowledge, wisdom, beauty, potential, art in all of it’s forms, love, the ability to love.

Mostly, I’ve gained a deep appreciation for the ability to live. To live imperfectly but fully with everything I’m given at every moment.


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When I started this blog, my goal was to write about my every day adventures. Those adventures that may seem mundane, but are made wonderful by perspective or by story-telling.

Since blog one, I’ve lost my direction. This has become more of an outlet than any type of adventure tale.

I’ve forgotten to tell about our family cruise in September, or how we were pre-approved to buy this adorable house…the same day the house was signed over on another offer.

I’ve forgotten to mention that my husband has decided he may be more open to entertain extended traveling and I am starting my Masters program in January.

I’ve forgotten to exclaim my undergrad student loans are almost paid, I started a new, insanely intense workout program, and I maybe starting a new job at the end of the year.

I guess my life has been full of adventure and I’ve neglected it any spotlight. Here’s to regaining my focus and blogging with a little more direction.

Hold me to that, will you?

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Do you ever feel like a stranger in your own life?

Do you ever stop enough to wonder…when did I pick this? What am I doing here?

It’s like I’ve been on auto-pilot for the last year. I’ve been merely existing. Growing up was so appealing before I made it here. Now I cannot believe this life is for me. These important commitments just cannot be mine. These friends don’t really know me now and we are too busy for each other anyway. I have a husband, how weird is that? I can’t even imagine having babies. I don’t want to surrender to this part of my life.

I’m afraid. I know I cannot stop the time. I cannot pause for a few moments to gain my understanding of this time. I’m only constantly hurled forward, left wondering, how did I make it here?

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