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So Far

It’s only week two of the year and I’m over here like – yikes. Not that anything has gone particularly unwell, but I’m seeing the worst parts of me show up. For some reason I thought my flying high moments of 2015 would be automatically grandfathered into this year. And they are but also, they are not. It’s a new start whether the old was phenomenal or not. We wake up and we do this life again and again and again. And mostly, I wanted to coast off of all of the positive and accomplished feelings of last year. But I must keep going. And it’s not all rosy.

So 2016, and this well-intentioned focus on health has not been easy. Good, right? Yes, I’m trying to keep asking myself the same question and responding with – Yes, you fool! Easy is boring. Easy lacks value. Easy is, well, easy. You want what you had to trudge through to acquire. You want the version of yourself made through mess and strife and humility.

I feel like I’m getting off track.

This weekend we went to the Farmer’s Market. I wanted to mention this because it’s part of why I’m so excited for this health initiative. I want to say just that – we went to the Farmer’s Market. To say we did sounds quaint and responsible. Really, we were frustrated with each other the entire time. I wanted Nigel to automatically know what we needed and how to do this whole trip to the FM. I hadn’t dug deep enough to know which foods are the best to snag at the market and which are not. The idea of going, in my head, was dreamy and hopeful. We’d make friends with the farmers and pick up fresh flowers and skip all the way back to the car. (Ok, kidding about the skipping part. I don’t think skipping takes space in any of my daydreams).

So we’d have this phenomenal trip to the FM and have everything we need and avoid the crowds and spend the rest of our day hiking and enjoying our weekly date. Except we weren’t ready for the FM, so now I have it penciled as my next task. Incredibly enough, I received Practical Paleo this weekend (after all the trips to the store, it’s ok) and I’ll be counting this book as my January health read. She does well to inform on what to find and where to find it, so I’m hopeful in future more magical trips to the market.

For now, I’ll share this week’s menu. We are rolling over a few meals from last week because they were so delicious.

  • Monday: Italian Chicken Fingers
  • Tuesday: Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers
  • Wednesday: Italian Chicken Fingers
  • Thursday: Honey Glazed Chicken
  • Friday: Maple Glazed Salmon
  • Saturday: out to eat/ date night
  • Sunday: breakfast all day! We made paleo blueberry scones today – and oh my sweet heavens, you have to try them.
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